Sharing Plates

  • Masala kettle corn

    [V] [GF]

  • tomatoes!

    local heirloom mix, cucumis melon, labneh, seeded millet cracker, pickled blueberry, crispy bolted celery [V] [GF]

  • “slaw” chaat

    local cabbage, crispy collards, pakora and chickpea crunchies, mango-mint-tamarind chutneys, ginger-pickled carrots [VG] [GF] [DF]


    coconut tehina, sesame, herbs [VG] [GF] [DF]

  • Cauliflower 65

    turmeric-yogurt sauce, curry leaves, fresh chiles, lime, cilantro, house pickled chiles [V] [GF]

  • Dayboat Shrimp

    skillet sweet corn, summer squash, Tabasco mash salsa roja, corn butter, ginger, crispy tortillas, flowering cilantro [GF]

  • griddle seared brisket

    tomato-fennel fricassée, thoom, chimichurri, olive-marinated grape tomato, green almond, shrimp cracker [GF] [DF]


Large Plates


    crispy idli, curried lentil puree, farm vegetables, cucumber, podi [VG] [GF] [DF]

  • pan seared whole trout

    butterflied boneless Carolina trout, paanch phoran, cilantro, tomato chutney [GF]

  • lamb cheek stir fry

    harukei, sugar snaps, sweet spring onion, hot and sweet soy glaze, pan-crisped jasmine rice, cumin, curry leaf, peanut, lime [DF]

  • roasted chicken

    "instant" spinach saag, house paneer, roasted potatoes, pickled onions [GF]

  • lemongrass grilled “secreto” lettuce wraps

    grilled Lady Edison pork collar, Vietnamese caramel, pineapple nuoc cham, jasmine rice, pickles [GF] [DF]


(V = vegetarian / VG = vegan / GF = gluten free / DF = dairy free / * = trace gluten)

20% gratuity will be added to parties of 6 or more.